Since they were introduced in 2004, silicone kitchen products have become increasingly popular. New products sometimes seem like fashion and are absorbed by consumers only to discover that the manufacturer’s promises are not being fulfilled. One of the many silicone products that offer chefs and excellent cooks an advantage is a winding brush. Silicone brushes have a number of advantages over traditional sketch brushes.

Discussion will be limited to the benefits of the brush itself, not the handle. The handle is important and should be long enough for intended use and easy to use. Most silicone-themed brushes (and traditional winding brushes) meet these expectations. The difference in the properties of the material, the silicone from which these brushes are made.

Silicone is a very heat-resistant material, in fact it is a great insulator and poorly dissipates heat. Therefore, at normal temperature and when cooking the brush will not stay warm long enough to behave badly – it does not melt. Silicone is also a somewhat inert material because it leaves no stains and does not retain odors.

Silicon is durable, but flexible enough, so the brush does not wear out and quickly does not lose shape. These silicone properties also make silicone brushes hygienic to use and easy to care for. Most people just put silicone brushes in the dishwasher to wash them. When cleaning the machine, take silicone brushes into the sink, so as not to damage them with sharp objects.

They are the perfect kitchen utensil for rinsing food when using an oven or stove. Men consider a silicone brush for labeling a valuable tool for labeling meat when cooking on the grill or barbecue – when used it is almost indestructible, even on the grill.

So why use a silicone brush to label? Silicone brushes for the label do not get dirty, do not retain smells, do not melt, do not wash, they are easy to wash in the dishwasher.

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