Choosing a bowling bag, it is worth paying attention to its 電動縮陰球 design. It is very important that the bowling bag has a very strong and strong bottom and handle. After all, one bowling ball can weigh up to 16 pounds – you need a bowling bag capable of withstanding the weight of any number of bowling balls you carry, as well as shoes and bowling shoes. Any other item that you bring a bowl.

Most bowling bags are available in models, on bags of 3, 4 balls or more, it is almost a necessity, but very popular even for 1 or 2 bags with balls. You should look for a bag with a sturdy frame made of heavy material, with sturdy zippers or some other type of sturdy clasp. If you are going to tournaments on a plane and you have more than 2 bowling balls with you, find a bag that is divided into 2 separate bags. Almost all airlines registered only 2 balls in the bag, although the bag with 3 balls still did not exceed the limit on weight.

What other items to take with you? This should be determined by your personal preferences and your scale. If you’re just a bowling alley who only plays occasionally and doesn’t like to score, you probably don’t need to bring anything but a bowling ball and shoes.

As you become a more experienced bowler and you need to adapt quickly to changing conditions, you may need to wear items to adjust your shoes, clutch or ball.

Tape – Black, like duct tape, and white, like duct tape, are used to adjust how your ball will fit if your fingers and/or thumb are swollen or compressed while bowling. Today it is very convenient that the tape is already trimmed to the desired shape, size and width for most bowlers and is usually available in a professional store, without a prescription or in a vending machine.

Ball-cleaning equipment – you can bring a medical alcohol or an approved ball-cleaning agent, in which case you should be aware of a few things; The current rules of bowling allow you to clean the ball before you start bowling, but during competitions or tournaments you can not apply any substances on the ball. During the flight on the plane, most of the liquids for cleaning the bullet are flammable and are not allowed on board the aircraft; If you carry these items, they should be thrown away.
Suitable items – many bowlers carry a bottle of baby powder in case the thumb hits the ball, and a small resin bag in case the thumb slips. You have to be very careful not to put these items on the approach or on any other track equipment, as they can interfere with other bowlers. There is a product called ez-slide that is applied to the base of your shoe to help you if you stick to this approach. This product cannot be used in specific centers and/or tournaments.
It is also worth bringing with you additional laces, nail clippers, a small pocket knife or a tool for removing tape, one or two additional handles, an instant glue tube, a skin patch or small patches for light bulbs. All of these accessories, if they are the right size, can be carried in a small bag that can be put in your pocket. You can even buy a personalized foam containing most of these items at the bowling shop.

Electric temperature regulators

If you have an electric heater, you can install a device that can turn off the water heater while no one is home or not. This reduces heat loss. Your utility company or plumber can help you install this device.

Heat traps

Several heat insulators can be installed on the water pipes of the house. Ball taps can be installed on cold and hot pipes directly above the water heater. These valves physically prevent heat from leaving the pipes and the tank from the water heater. Ball taps cause a slight restriction of flow, although this can be noticeable with a large amount of water. Another way to make a radiator is to take your flexible connectors at the top of the water heater and, if possible, bend them in the shape of an inverted U. Heat cannot pass through the upper boundary of the U.

Low-flow shower watering cans

If you attach it to a shower watering can, you just use less water and therefore less heat. It’s that simple. Low-flow aerators can also be attached to sink faucets. A very effective way to save energy and money.

Pipe insulation

The insulation of hot tubs also saves heat. Styrofoam with closed cells can wrap pipes and do the job very quickly. You can also use insulating blankets. Buy thicker blankets than thinner ones. Different types of pipes also require different sizes of insulation. Copper and galvanized pipes are of different thickness, although both are 1 inch. Don’t forget to roll cold pipes two inches away from the water heater. However, do not close any fittings or fittings or ends of the pipes with insulation. Any leakage will be more serious if the insulation covers these areas. Never close the traction deflector directly over the gas boilers. This can cause insulation to ignite. Different insulating materials use different adhesives. It doesn’t matter what type you use. If you need to tap the insulation, use a gas tape that looks like a tape with text written on it. Do not use the tape, it wears out faster.

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