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In the restaurant and food industry, there are many types of catering equipment, and cutlery falls into these categories. Cutlery is usually taken for granted in everyday cooking, but this is a big part of the process and we just can’t do without them. In this article, I’ll look at the different types of spoons and how to use them.

They come in different types.

Super-strength serving spoon. These cutlery have a sturdy shovel and are usually made of stainless steel. It is used to serve rice, stew, curry and vegetables.
Spoon serving perforated. This object has a perforated shovel, that is, small round holes. This allows you to scale the vegetables submerged in water. For example, flour is usually boiled in water, so these cutlery make it easier and safer to remove cornflour from boiling water.
Stir with a spoon. This product is ideal for mixing dishes such as stew or curry. This allows you to mix the ingredients as much as you need. These cutlery are usually made of plastic or wood and are used daily in cooking.
Spoon for a buffet. They are made of more durable material, such as unbreakable polycarbonate, to meet the requirements of a loaded buffet. They are designed with a wider base for conveniently extracting dishes from buffet dishes. They are also resistant to high temperatures.

Super-strength spoon. This catering equipment is ideal for stringing ropes. It has a sturdy spoon that is ideal for storing liquids. Once you have prepared the sauce for polishing, use this item to scoop up the sauce and pour it on any chicken or meat that you cook. For your convenience, these cutlery come with handles of varying lengths. Some of them have a hole at the end so they can be hung on the wall.
Perforated riding buckle. You can use this catering equipment to filter or drain foods that have been cooked, poached or fried. Mushrooms are easy to get out of the pan, leaving no residual moisture from cooking.
Cutlery is often underestimated, especially spoons. When planning your meal, it is always helpful to make sure that you have the necessary catering equipment to make the process a lot easier and easier.

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