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Philips Kitchen electric pasta maker is also an incredibly powerful automatic pasta maker machine, allowing anyone, from novices to specialists, to manufacture fresh pasta at home. Plus, as an automatic pasta maker machine, no matter what sort of pasta you make, it will only take 15 minutes or less, which is excellent for busy families that want the taste of home cooking but don’t have the time. If you’re looking for something that was specifically created with more than just Repal Casserole Pot pasta noodles in mind, then you might enjoy this rather charming-looking pasta and dumpling skin maker offered byGdrasuya. It features an angled continuous feed tray that uses downwards momentum to help you feed smaller pieces of dough into the roller easily. The cutter below is adjustable to help you get different widths and sizes of noodles. The wheel lets you apply manual pressure in a more evenly distributed way that makes rolling easier for you, even with one hand.

While the pasta sheets looked nice enough, the fettuccine and spaghetti shapes were still stuck together after cutting, forcing us to hand pull them apart. You can make numerous different pasta shapes with even the most basic pasta machine. A flat sheet of pasta can give you lasagne sheets, maltagliati (or ‘badly cut’ shapes, originally born from pasta scraps), cannelloni pasta tubes, and filled pasta of every shape imaginable. And with a few extra pasta tools, you can create ridged or embossed shapes such as garganelli or corzetti. Imperia’s machines, as well as those made by Marcato, have barely changed since they were first made, and should still be the go-to when it comes to seeking out your first pasta machine. There are also electric pasta rolling and shaping attachments made for many different brands of stand mixers such as KitchenAid.

Although the simple design features only a cutter and a roller, the cutter is adjustable to help you achieve noodles of different thicknesses and widths. This flashy, red countertop pasta maker takes the work out of creating smooth sheets of pasta. It has a dual-sized cutting head to make wide fettuccine or skinny spaghetti and adjusts to nine thickness levels. The machine also comes with an adjustable-wheel pasta cutter and a cleaning brush designed specifically to remove flour and pasta from between the rollers.

Jinny Chivers, a chef and culinary instructor who studied pasta-making at the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners in Turin, Italy, recommends the KitchenAid pasta press attachment. “After using the KitchenAid stand mixer for making the dough, you just need to add this attachment for speedy rolling,” she explains. The Imperia is an Italian-made machine with two pasta rollers, one for sheets and the other for fettuccine or linguine. It’s more comfortable than the steel handle other manual pasta machines possess, as you’ll be applying pressure and churning the hand crank several times to produce all your pasta for a meal.

Are you still keen on the idea of getting a simple noodle press over a roller and cutter combination, but you’re still looking for a model that’s more old-fashioned? Well, if you’d also like longer noodles for authenticity, then we think you’ll love this piece from Bottene. This longer pasta press features a two-handed screw crank leading into a taller canister that holds more dough and can therefore press longer continuous noodles. To free up your second hand, this press clamps solidly onto the side of your countertop or a low table or chair. The press comes with two different pasta molds for the bottom end and is made from very durable iron that can withstand lots of pressure and is easy to clean.