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I strive to include safety in my solo female travel experiences and routinely practice safe habits. These safe travel tips only require the use of your common sense. Being alert, knowledgeable and prepared increases your chances of a safe, fun and unforgettable journey.

This is the first time you have traveled alone?? The most important thing to bring is common sense. Always book your first night’s accommodation anyway – you’ll be comfortable knowing you won’t have to deal with finding a hotel late at night or while you’re late.

It is an important topic that I cannot properly deal with, so I engaged an expert to share his advice. This month her column is on safety tips because it was a common question among traveling women. Of course there are dangers to keep in mind, but as long as you research your destination, use common sense and use some essential safety tips for solo travel, it should be good.

Drink in moderation and always point to your environment. Traveling alone is even one of the BEST ways to meet people abroad. It is much easier to have a conversation with a complete stranger if you don’t have a travel companion. You are more open to meeting new people and you will be more accessible.

When I tell people I’m traveling alone, that’s the most common response I get. And while it’s a well-intentioned comment, it bothers me that someone still thinks that a woman who goes alone can feel isolated or intimidated. In an ideal world, traveling alone would not be challenging or brave for women, it would just be a personal preference. In fact, when I travel alone, my senses seem very attuned to my environment, from the people I know to the streets I walk on . Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse is our travel expert for solo women and writes a guest column with tips and suggestions.

Then you have mobile data and local calls, so you can feel connected. This tip is relatively simple, but I often hear from people who only use their own American phone plan. ‘If there are other solo apartments in 77083 travelers, introduce yourself, because they will take care of each other along the way and make a new friend. So we asked the women of BuzzFeed what they do to feel safe when traveling abroad.

As a traveler in a foreign environment, my common sense of travel safety is paramount and not on autopilot. Some guides provide information on meeting places for independent travelers. Another good source is several Facebook groups, which are quite active in Costa Rica. If you are staying in hotels and boutique hostels, you can easily meet other travelers, just use your common sense when organizing your joint activities. If you are in a somewhat remote area (and there are many in Costa Rica), you already have a lot in common with people who have also chosen to be there.

I have used some experienced travelers for their best advice on traveling alone and the best places to travel alone as a woman. As a woman traveling alone, insurance in the form of a mobile phone can come. While in an uncertain situation you need to rely much more on your intuition than on a mobile phone, it can be very helpful to know that you can call ahead to secure a hotel room or communicate with a friend. If you’re planning to be in a country for some time, it’s a great option to unlock a cell phone with a local prepaid SIM card. More than 32 million American women travel annually.

As a solo traveler, it is best to ask other solo travelers about their experience of visiting a country. Join these groups to connect with other solo female travelers. You can post where you plan to travel and get a lot of advice from others who have been there. As an additional advantage, you can also befriend women who travel to the same destinations.