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Using a outline frame around the drawings can significantly prevent the fabric from sticking together around the embroidery, helps to arrange a few drawings or divide them and is the best way to hold the fabric and stabilizer at the beginning! To do this, you’ll need editing software, but for best results, you can change the frame size to match the design as accurately as possible. You can also use hoops for riding, even if you don’t have embroidery software to combine hoops with design. Just open the frame of your car and wash it off; Open the pattern and sash.

You can find ready-made smear hoops by visiting the page with basic instructions on embroidery on our website. I have provided this framework for use instead of hoops or to fasten large fully filled designs. There are 3 sizes; 4 x4, 5 x7 and 6 x10. If your machine has other sizes, simply open the frame file and change its size, focus the frame and save it with a new file name. Download, find your format and enjoy!

If you have embroidery software and want to use only hoops so that the design you create stays in line with the size of your embroidery field;

First, open the lace frame; when combined in software.

Import or open an illustration of your design; add to the open frame in the software.

In your software, move the frame until it has roughly the same fields around the perimeter if necessary.

Start scanning with a 2nd color on the color scale of your program. If you leave it, your design will first stitch the frame, but you can easily work not only with the first color once you get to the machine.

If you want to sew a patterned frame and less “pull” over the fabric, you can easily remove the stitches when the pattern is completed by cutting off the skewers about every 1.5 inches. In this case, the top thread is removed very easily.

If you want to create your own framework:

Choose a one-line sewing tool in the scanning program.

Holding the Ctrl key, start at the top left corner of the drawing area and place the first stitch; Go to the right corner and place the 2nd loop, the bottom right corner for the third loop, the bottom left corner for the fourth loop and the top left corner for the last loop.

Go to properties; Adjust the length of the stitch from 4.50 to 5.0 mm; closing points if you have this feature.

Change the size of the frame to the desired size; Be sure to make this frame a little smaller than the maximum size of the embroidery area!

Save the frame file by assigning it a name according to the frame size and marking machine for which it is intended.


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